Official Rules

1. To start

I will have nothing but:

  • a cell phone with internet & a cell phone charger
  • 1 pair of clothes
  • A bank account open with $0 in it and no place to live.
  • PPE- A mask, gloves, sanitizer and vitamin D (have to still be mindful of the pandemic)
  • Camera Equipment to shoot this vlog but I can’t use any of it to make money or for any of the businesses I start. Just for capturing content for the project.
  • I can’t sell anything I start with to make money.

2. To start

I can’t use any of my resources.

Everything I own will be put in a storage unit and my personal bank account will be drained to $0.

3. Network

I can’t use anyone in my network for any help or advice. I’m cutting everyone off. Business relationships, friends, family, everyone I know professionally. Any person I’ve talked to before July 10th will be cut off from helping me for 12 months.

4. New Identity

Everyone I meet will not know anything about me or this project. My new name is Scott, I have no college degree and I’ve worked in a restaurant for 10 years. I’m an aspiring videographer (to justify why i might be shooting videos.) I will create new social accounts on facebook and linkedin reflecting this.

5. No Unfair Advantage

I will immediately cut off anyone I meet that finds out my true identity or that finds out about this project through any of my social channels. I’ll cut them off for the duration of the project, I don’t want any unfair advantages.

6. Revenue

The $1 million in 12 months can ONLY come from revenue generated from businesses I start during the project or money I make working. Any revenue generated as a result of the youtube series will not count towards the $1 million goal. That means:

  • Revenue generated from the series does not count
  • I won’t be sharing the name of the businesses I start so hopefully no viewers can contribute to the $1mm goal, that would be cheating.

7. Expenses

All of my personal expenses over the 12 months will only come out of my personal bank account with $0 in it and any business bank accounts I open during the project. None of my personal expenses will be covered by outside sources other than these.

8. Debt

At the beginning of this project I can’t use any credit cards or loans. I’m assuming my credit score is really low and no one will lend me money. As I generate income I’ll be allowed to get a credit card but will make educated guesses based on research about how much of a line of credit someone in my position would have access to.

9. Making Money

I can make money however I decide except:

  • I can’t start a business offering software development services similar to my current business told media.
  • I can’t make money freelancing if it involves managing or running software development teams, or consulting people on this topic.

10. Health Insurance & Phone

I pay for my health insurance and phone bill through my business. If I didn’t have my business these expenses wouldn’t be covered. To make this project as realistic as possible I will take $200/m out of my personal account starting Aug 10. $100/m for my phone bill and $100/m for my health insurance. I’m assuming that starting where I am with this project my healthcare would be $100/m and I will make an educated guess and increase it as I make more money throughout the 12 months.


1. Producing/Marketing This Project

Anything related to producing and marketing this project is fair game to use my current network and resources. This includes:

  • Content team meetings, production, hiring, reviewing content, interacting with all the awesome viewers on social etc.
  • Making appearances on podcasts, interviews etc to market the project & going live on social media to engage with the community.
  • Any equipment needed to produce content. This will include things like cameras, audio equipment (like headphones), my laptop, tripods, etc. I will not use any of these things to ever do anything that relates to building my new business, but will need them for producing and marketing this project.
  • Anyone I speak to in my current network for advice on marketing/producing this project. These conversations will never be to help me build the businesses in the project, but only to market & produce this project.

2. My Company

I still have some obligations at told media like team meetings, client meetings etc. Any of these conversations I have will only be about business and I won’t be having any conversations that would help me grow my new company.

3. Mentoring

I mentor a lot of entrepreneurs for free and I have mentoring commitments I’m not going to drop. I won’t be talking about this project or asking for advice from anyone I talk with.

4. Family

I will be checking in with family from time to time to say hi but they’re aware of these rules and that they can’t help me in any way unless it involves growing the project’s social channels.


1. Girlfriend

I do have a girlfriend that I’m moving away from to work on this project. Once I’m on my feet and have my own place to live she will be moving in with me. She’s aware of the project and the rules. She knows she is not allowed to give any advice or help me with anything related to building the business I start, supporting me financially, or helping me with day to day things in any way. This includes but is not limited to things like:

  • Driving me anywhere
  • Making or buying me food
  • Household chores like laundry etc *She CAN help with anything related to producing and marketing the project just like anyone else in my current network.

2. Cutting People Off

If anyone I meet finds out my true background or about any of my social channels/this project the rule is I have to cut them off for the duration of the project so I don’t have an unfair advantage. The only time I might break this rule is if I end up finding people to live with later in the project and they find out later after I’m already living with them. If I determine it won’t have an impact on giving me any type of unfair advantage I might not move/cut them off. If this happens I’ll let all of you know.

3. Network

There are two people in my network that I might communicate with later in the project for a specific reason. I also might not though. IF I do decide to communicate with them you will all be made aware and it will make a lot of sense as to why these two individuals would be the only exception to the network rule.

4. Covid

It’s a possibility that just like anyone else I could catch covid or someone i’m living with catches covid. If this happens I might have to break some of the rules and use money from a source outside of my personal bank for this project to rent an airbnb to avoid spreading the disease to other people. I’ll have to play this by ear in the unfortunate case that this occurs.